Mantle P and S Tomography Models

Shear wave model HMSL-S06:Click to download
Compressional wave velocity model HMSL-P06: Click to download

These models are from Houser et al. GJI, 2008. Both models are based on surface wave data for the upper mantle and body wave travel time data for the lower mantle. The bulk of the S, SS, P, and PP travel times were measured using cluster analysis. Phases such as ScS-S, SS-S, and PP-P from previous studies were also included. The tomographic inversion is based on the ray theory approximation using the LSQR algorithm. The file columns are longitude, latitude, depth, and dV/V starting with the bottom layer with 4 degree spacing. When plotting, it is customary to remove the mean value of each layer.

My models and others can be viewed using IRIS tools, or Dagik Earth .
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