FMTool is an interactive, GUI-based tool to interactively draw focal mechanisms. Its primary use is for teaching purposes, but it is also a simple data analysis tool and provides a way to get a custom image of a focal mechanism. The objective is to provide intuition into the parameters that control focal mechanisms to help visualize what they represent in three dimensions.

Every time the user changes a parameter describing the focal mechanism, it is recomputed and graphically redisplayed in real time. The focal mechanism can be overlaid with a polarity picks of azimuth and take-off angles to solve for first motion focal mechanisms.

Download compiled binaries for MacOS X systems from 10.6 onwards from here.. version 0.01 (built 19 Aug. 2013).

The screen shot of FMTool shows a focal mechanism overlayed with first motion picks at various azimuths.

More features described in the online "About FMTool" menu item.

Highlights in recent FMTool releases

Some previous releases are available through the release name in the list below. Changes potentially incompatible with previously-working FMTool versions indicated in italics.

Initial public release.

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