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Hiroyuki KUROKAWA 黒川 宏之

A scientist studing formation and evolution of planets.
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Research Scientist
Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1-IE-13 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550, Japan
E-mail: hiro.kurokawa(at)

東京工業大学 地球生命研究所 研究員
〒152-8550 東京都目黒区大岡山2-12-1-IE-13
メール: hiro.kurokawa(at)

What's new!

  [2020.02.23] 日本語論文がウェブ公開されました [日本惑星科学会誌「遊星人」]
  [2020.02.21] Talk at "Ask an Astrobiologist" program [Youtube]

Future schedules

  [2020.02.27-03.01] The 2nd International Winter School for Aquaplanetology, Kumamoto, Japan
  [2020.05.24-05.28] JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020, Makuhari, Japan


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Submitted papers

  1. Sakuraba, H., Kurokawa, H., Genda, H., and Ohta, K.,
    Numerous chondritic impactors and oxidized magma ocean set Earth's volatile depletion.

  2. Lammer, H., Scherf, M., Kurokawa, H., Ueno, Y., Burger, C., Maindl, T., Johnstone, C., Leizinger, M., Benedikt, M., Fossati, L., Kislyakova, K. G., Marty, B., Avice, G., Fegley, B., and Odert, P.,
    Loss and fractionation of noble gas isotopes and moderately volatile elements from planetary embryos and early Venus, Earth and Mars.

Accepted/Published papers

  1. Kuwahara, A. and Kurokawa, H. (2020),
    Influences of protoplanet-induced three-dimensional gas flow on pebble accretion – I. shear regime,
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, 633, A81. [A&A][arXiv]

  2. 黒川 宏之 (2019),
    遊星人, 28(4), 266-276. [遊星人]

  3. Kuwahara, A., Kurokawa, H., and Ida, S. (2019),
    Gas flow around a planet embedded in a protoplanetary disc: the dependence on the planetary mass,
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, 623, A179. [A&A][arXiv]

  4. Sakuraba, H., Kurokawa, H., and Genda, H. (2019),
    Impact degassing and atmospheric erosion on Venus, Earth, and Mars during the late accretion,
    Icarus, Volume 317, 48-58. [Icarus][arXiv]

  5. 黒川 宏之, 櫻庭 遥 (2018),
    遊星人, 27(3), 127-137. [遊星人]

  6. Kurokawa, H., Foriel, J., Laneuville, M., Houser, C., and Usui, T. (2018),
    Subduction and atmospheric escape of Earth's seawater constrained by hydrogen isotopes,
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 497, 149-160. [EPSL][arXiv]

  7. Kurokawa, H. and Tanigawa, T. (2018),
    Suppression of atmospheric recycling of planets embedded in a protoplanetary disc by buoyancy barrier,
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 479, 635-648. [MNRAS][arXiv]

  8. Kurokawa, H., Kurosawa, K., and Usui, T. (2018),
    A lower limit of atmospheric pressure on early Mars inferred from nitrogen and argon isotopic compositions,
    Icarus, Volume 299, 443-459. [Icarus][arXiv]

  9. Kurokawa, H., Usui, T., and Sato, M. (2016),
    Interactive evolution of multiple water-ice reservoirs on Mars: insights from hydrogen isotope compositions,
    Geochemical Journal, Volume 50 (No. 1), 67-79. [Geohem. J.][arXiv]

  10. Kurokawa, H. and Inutsuka, S. (2015),
    On the radius anomaly of hot Jupiters: reexamination of the possibility and impact of layered convection,
    The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 815, ID: 78. [ApJ][arXiv]

  11. Kurokawa, H., Sato, M., Ushioda, M., Matsuyama, T., Moriwaki, R., Dohm, J. M., and Usui, T. (2014),
    Evolution of water reservoirs on Mars: constraints from hydrogen isotopes in Martian meteorites,
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 394, 179-185. [EPSL][arXiv]

  12. Kurokawa, H. and Nakamoto, T. (2014),
    Mass-loss evolution of close-in exoplanets: evaporation of hot Jupiters and the effect on population,
    The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 783, ID: 54. [ApJ][arXiv]

  13. Kurokawa, H. and Kaltenegger, L. (2013),
    Atmospheric mass loss and evolution of short-period exoplanets: the examples of CoRoT-7b and Kepler-10b,
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 433, Issue 4, 3239-3245. [MNRAS][arXiv]

  14. Kurokawa, H. and Nakamoto, T. (2012),
    Effects of atmospheric absorption of incoming radiation on radiation limit of the troposphere,
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 69, 403-413. [JAtS]


January 2020 -

  1. Kurokawa, H., Sakuraba, H., Shibuya, T., Sekine, Y., Ehlmann, B. L., Usui, F.
    Evoliution of planetary water: The perspective on planet formation and material transport in the Solar System (invited talk),
    The 21st Symposium on Planetary Sciences, Sendai, Japan (February 2020).

  2. Kurokawa, H., Shibuya, T., Sekine, Y., Ehlmann, B. L., Usui, F.
    Paleo-aqueous environments of volatile-rich asteroids (poster),
    Challenging the Perceptions of the Requirements for Life on Earth and Other Worlds, Galveston, Texas, US (January 2020).

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