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   In Genda-lab, we are doing research on how solar system bodies (planets, satellites, small bodeis etc.) formed and evolved. Our goal is to understand the origins of wide varieties among those boides. Why does Earth have oceans? Why not for the others? What determined the size of planets? Are there life beyond Earth? What conditions made Earth have life? We are investigating those fundamental questions.
In our lab, we are solving the processes in which planetary bodies form and evolve based on physical and chemical laws mainly via computer simulations. We call this numerical experiments. Our results and hypotheses should be tested and validated. So, we are being involved in on-going and future planetary explorations (Hayabusa 2, MMX etc.), and we are collaborating with many researchers whose specialities are experiments, analysis, observations, and field works. Let's enjoy research together!

Recent Information

2022/08/10 Professor Genda published a paper in Planetary Science Journal as a co-author. This paper shows that the splitting hyphothesis (Phobos and Deimos were formed from an ancestor single moon) is unlikely.
Hyodo, R., Genda, H., Sekiguchi, R., Madeira, G., and Charnoz, S. (2022) Challenges in forming Phobos and Deimos directly from a splitting of an ancestor single moon. Planetary Science Journal, accepted / astro-ph
2022/08/01 The members of Genda Lab. were updated.
2022/07/01 Dr. Genda got a promotion to be a professor.
2022/05/19 Associate Professor Genda's office was moved to ELSI-1 302 from ELSI-2 314.

Access to Genda-Lab

Genda-lab is located at Ookayama campus (Ishikawadai area) in Tokyo Institute of Technology. Genda's office is 302 room on the 3rd floor in ELSI-1 building (= Ishikawadai-7 building). It takes 12 mins from Ookayama station and 5 mins from Ishikawadai station by walk.


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