• Tomoaki Matsuura (Dr. Eng, PI, CV): matsuura_tomoaki[at]
  • Asako Narita (PhD, Research assistant): narita[at]

Graduate Students

  • Yuta Ishii (PhD Student, 1st year): yishii[at]

Master Students

  • Tatsumi Yamaguchi (Master Student, 2nd year): tatsumi_yamaguchi[at]

Undergraduate Students

  • Tatsuya Shinoda (Undergrad Student, 3rd year):[at]
  • Genki Fukasawa (Undergrad Student, 3rd year): fukasawa.g[at]

How to join our group at ELSI

Come and join our group! PostDocs, PhD students, and master course students are always welcome. ELSI is a very special place in Japan, where everything is well prepared for international students. You do not necessarily need to know or speak Japanese. Perfect supports are provided by the Institute. We have many common equipment, and a fantastic research environment is arranged by the Institute. Feel free to contact Tomoaki Matsuura. Enjoy life and Science at ELSI.


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