• Tomoaki Matsuura 松浦 友亮 (PhD. Eng, PI, CV):  matsuura_tomoaki
  • Natsumi Noda        野田 夏実 (PhD, Post Doc, JSPS Research Fellowship): natsumi
  • Asako Narita          成田 麻子 (PhD, Research assistant): narita
  • Ako Kagawa           香川 亜子 (Research assistant): akagawa
  • Thakur Anuradha   タクル・アヌラダ (PhD, Research assistant): thakur_anu

Graduate Students

We accept students through Department of Life Science and Technology (LST)

  • Yuta Ishii             石井 裕太 (D2, LST course): yishii
  • Tatsuya Shinoda 篠田 達也 (M1, Earth-Life Science course):
  • Yuta Ogawa        小川 祐太 (M1, LST coure): yuta_ogawa

Undergraduate Students

We accept students through Department of Life Science and Technology (LST)

  • Genki Fukasawa    深澤 元喜 (Undergrad student, B4): fukasawa.g
  • Ryusei Matsumoto 松本 龍征 (Undergrad student, B3): ryusei_matsumoto

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Summer Exchange Students (2022)

We accept students through Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

  • Leonie Karr  (PhD students)
  • Ali Heidari  (PhD students) 

How to join our group at ELSI

Come and join our group! PostDocs, PhD students, and master course students are always welcome. ELSI is a very special place in Japan, where everything is well prepared for international students. You do not necessarily need to know or speak Japanese. Perfect supports are provided by the Institute. We have many common equipment, and a fantastic research environment is arranged by the Institute. Feel free to contact Tomoaki Matsuura. Enjoy life and Science at ELSI.

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News of us

Photo gallery

July 28, 2022: Welcome party

April 18, 2022: Welcome new members

April 18 2022





March 28, 2022: After the graduation ceremony

Mar 28_2022

March, 2022: A commemorative photo with graduating students.


Graduation in March 2022; Tatsuya Shinoda (B3, early graduation, Takamiya award), Tatsumi Yamaguchi (M2, from Watanabe lab. in Osaka University), Kazumu Kaneko (M2, a collaborator from Sekine group in ELSI)


April, 2021: Discussion among the early members


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